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Stock Market Game by Evolution

Evolution Gaming has introduced a slot with the telling title “Stock Market”. From the name it is clear that St. Market – an exciting simulation of the real stock market, allowing players to “try to feel” trading stocks on the real stock exchanges, the real danger of unsuccessful investment of funds in this case no.

Acting as an investor, the player can buy and sell shares of various companies, seeking to maximize profits and building a successful portfolio.

Stock Market Game by Evolution

“Stock Market” – Being able to buy and sell shares in different companies, Evolution Gaming creates a realistic atmosphere using up-to-date market data so players can feel like traders. The whole process takes place in real time.

How to play Stock Market: description, symbols, special features

Stock Market (one of the translations of the name of the slot) is a rather complex and therefore reliable simulator of the stock exchange, the essence of which is in predicting the players the result of the closing of the trading session.

Participants are trying to predict how the session will be closed: fall or rise in the price of shares compared to the original value.

Users watch the process in real time (the value of shares is determined by the Random Number Generator). Rounds of the game are fast, and there is an automatic re-bet.

An unsuccessful bet does not mean a complete loss: only some part of the value of the shares that have fallen in price is lost.

Having predicted the course of trading, the player receives a win in the range from 0.01 to 2 times of his bet.

While betting, players have the opportunity to cash out their savings (portfolio), the size of the commission is 1%.

However, it is not possible to change the bet before the end of the session.

The RTP (Return to Player; amount of return to player) in this simulator is 99% .

“Stock Market” evokes associations with the familiar game of “Eagle and Tails” with complicated and interesting rules.

Visitors have access to 4 variants of the game, depending on the location (country) of the player.

Game symbols:

– Promotional symbols. Images of stocks and logos of various companies, quotes, financial charts and other theme-related elements.

– Charts and graphs: There may be symbols representing financial instruments, such as charts and graphs, which may play a role in activating bonus features or prizes.

Stock Market Game by Evolution

Market Stock slot features

  • The RTP (Return to Player) index is 99%, which is well above the average of 95%.
  • Betting range: from 0.50 (minimum bet) to 100 (maximum bet) euros.
  • Volatility – high.
  • Winning range: from 0.01 to 2 times the bet size.
  • The game process is divided into two phases (phases): betting and trading.
  • Player’s portfolio. The player’s money is temporarily stored in it. A commission (1%) is charged for cashing out the “portfolio”.

Stock Market appearance and interface

  • The design of the slot is determined by the theme: stock exchanges, financial markets, trading and so on. In the game window there are graphics quotes and the corresponding symbols. In general: laconic, minimalistic. Intuitive interface.
  • Control elements – two buttons (“Increase” and “Decrease”), cache output button.
  • In the center of the slot is a trading chart.
  • In the upper right corner of the window buttons: “sound”, “settings”, “refresh page”.

Pros and cons of the game

A topical, very fascinating topic. The financial market is of interest to users of various ages and social status. Stock Market gives an opportunity to try oneself in investments and trading as if not seriously, in a game form.
The fairly high percentage of return to players and the range of winnings allows you to win quite large sums.
Accessibility. Like all online casinos, Market is available around the clock from different countries. You can start the game with a minimum bet.
Limited social interaction with other players.
Some lack of strategy. This kind of slots, usually designed for luck, rather than a well-thought-out strategy of the game (although some possibility of planning is available). However, the element of risk will be to the taste of gambling site visitors.
The risk of losing money, without which no money game is possible.

How the player’s wins or losses are calculated

The amount of winnings and losses is calculated based on combinations of random symbols, random numbers and mathematical algorithms. The algorithms ensure the stability of the percentage RTP for a particular game.

Stock Market Game by Evolution

The GSC (random number generator) ensures that a random price for a particular stock falls out, something that in reality is ensured by the laws of the market, demand, and, again, the element of chance.

TheRTPalgorithm determines how much money will theoretically be returned to the player (as a percentage). Return to Player in 99% means that the player will return up to 99 rubles out of 100 as a win. Of course, not all players will return all ninety-nine rubles; winnings are distributed randomly, and someone will get more and someone will get less.

In Stok, the calculation is made according to the change in the value of the purchased shares (falls or rises:

  • If a player bet on a rise and pressed the “Up” button and the stock “skyrocketed” in price by 20% – he will receive 20% of his bet.
  • Betting Down on a 20% drop in the stock price means a 20% win.
  • Playing Up but with the stock price falling 20% means a 20% loss.
  • Likewise, playing Down, when the stock rises by 20%, the player will lose 20% of his bet.

Betting phase before the next trading session

The game is divided into rounds, each of which is divided into two phases: Betting and Trading Session.

Bets are accepted by the slot for 15 seconds. During this time the player has the opportunity to:

  • Place a bet on Up or Down (Up or Down).
  • Move the bet to the opposite position (Up/Down).
  • Add money to his Portfolio.
  • Withdraw cache (cash out the contents of the portfolio).

Important nuances of the stage:

  • Everything in the Portfolio will be placed as a bet on the last position selected by the player. The position can be changed by clicking on the corresponding button.
  • If the Portfolio is empty, the bet will be placed from the player’s main balance and the money will appear in the Portfolio.
  • If the player does not want to make a bet, it is necessary to withdraw funds from the Portfolio to the Balance. The commission is 1% of the transfer amount.

During the bidding phase, the player observes the ups and downs of the stock value on the chart in the slot window. At the end of the period, the value is fixed and it becomes clear: the user lost or won, as well as the amount of winnings or losses.

Stock Market Game by Evolution

Cash Out or how to withdraw money?

Online slots are popular not only because of the opportunity to feel the excitement and “tickle” nerves, but also because of the opportunity to earn real, often not bad, money.

To get the money you have won you need to:

  1. Log in to your account on the slot site by entering your credentials in the appropriate lines (registration is required).
  2. Go to the “Withdrawal of funds” section.
  3. Choose a preferred method of withdrawal from those available on the site: bank card, e-wallet and so on.
  4. Specify the withdrawal amount.
  5. Confirm the request.
  6. Account verification data may be required.
  7. Receive the money.

Is there a mobile version in Stock Market?

Yes, there is a mobile version of the Stock Market slot game. You can download it on the manufacturer’s website or online casino.

In addition, it is worth opening the site of the game in a mobile device – most likely will display a version optimized for mobile devices. This will allow the player to enjoy the process anytime and anywhere, on a smartphone or tablet.

Strategies and tips for players:

How to play on your phone?

The game interface and rules of the game on a smartphone or tablet do not differ from the rules of the web interface. The procedures of registration and withdrawal of funds to a bank card or e-wallet are similar.

Where can I play Stock Market for Real Money?

Yes, playing for money is possible at any of the following online casino sites:

  • 1win
  • PIN UP
  • Kent


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